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About Us

I. Overview:

img-about-us-01-lrgAsheville River Cabins is a family owned business operated by Nelson, Rebecca, and their son, Ben Allison. Nelson & Rebecca grew up in Asheville and were high school sweethearts who lived only a block away from each other. They married just before they both graduated from UNC-G, Rebecca with a BS in Economics /Business Administration and Nelson with a Master of Fine Arts in Acting/Directing.

Rebecca went on to develop a very successful career with state government attaining the position of Asheville Area Appraiser for the Department of Transportation…(the first woman to ever hold that position). Now retired from that position, she takes the same pride of workmanship and 110% effort to prepare a pleasant environment for her guests here at Asheville River Cabins. Nelson taught college for five years and sold real estate during the summer months. Eventually, he went full time into real estate and started his own commercial real estate company…The Allison Company in Raleigh, NC where he was the first broker to market office condos. Ben is the eldest of two boys. Ben is one of those rare individuals that live in the moment with no regrets of the past or anxiety of the future. Always willing to help anyone in need of help. The Allisons live in the stone house on the hill overlooking the cabins so if a guest has a problem someone is nearby to help.

II. History of Asheville River Cabins: (by Owner Nelson Allison)

My father, William B. Allison, who retired from the Asheville Police Department, purchased this property many years ago while I was in college at Western Carolina University. I recall coming home on the weekends and helping him dynamite stumps of trees he had cut down in order to clear the land. It took many years for him to clear the land and build a home on the hill for him and my mother to enjoy in their retirement years. When they passed on, Rebecca and I purchased the remaining ownership of the property from my two brothers. We began renovating the old cabin on the property once finished we began to market it on the Internet. When we started getting bookings one after another we realized we had a working model for a profitably business.

III. Romantic History of Indian Carvings: (by Owner Rebecca Allison)

img-about-us-02-lrgOne of the few truly old heirlooms my mother left me was a round wooden disk with what looks like an Indian Princess carved on it and on the back it had the date Dec. 9, 1902 carved into it. I have no idea where she got it but I know she had it for years. I never thought much about it until one day when Nelson mentioned that since he was eldest son of the family his grandfather, had given him an old family heirloom. Nelson handed me a round wooden disk with an Indian Chief carved on it. I stood there holding it looking in disbelief. It was as if it was meant to be.

We have been happily married since 1970 and keep our family heirlooms proudly displayed beside our front entrance as a reminder of something special.

IV. Why is Asheville River Cabins Special? (By Ben Allison)

img-about-us-03-lrgI’ve been down the French Broad River around Asheville and can say that we are the only ones that offer cabins on the river. Those guests with fishing license can request fishing rods with their cabins. The most popular species covered on this site are the Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Catfish, Crappie, and several species of Pan fish. Those guests who would enjoy kayaking can call me to take them upriver with the equipment for a fun trip back to the cabins. Of course if you are not into fishing or boating you can still enjoy the river just setting on the deck of a cabin or one of our lawn chairs next the river banks and watch the geese, ducks, and blue heron play and feed in the river.

img-about-us-04-lrgThis is the only resort in Asheville with the distinction of being a member of the French Broad River Yacht Club* where the motto is “One Man’s Inner Tube is Another Man’s Yacht!” Get in touch with your inner tube. Guests at Asheville River Cabins have these comfortable yachts available to them at all times during their visit at no extra charge. Of course if you are going to have a Yacht Club you also need a golf course. Guests are provided with their own set of two wedge golf clubs with a small bucket of balls and a five (5) acre three (3) hole golf course for practice of wedge shots. Yes sir folks, as we say down South…”Your in high cotton now!”

In the evening you want a small campfire by the river, no problem we have fire pits available. You have a group of friends, a reunion, a wedding party, and want something special for the evening to remember…I can build you a bonfire that will knock your socks off.

Our Special Location (by Atticus Allison)

What we offer on site is only part of what makes Asheville River Cabins special, our location is ideal starting with the fact that we are located across the river from the Biltmore Estate so if you took a trip down the river to Asheville you would go through the Estate and a few miles down actually see the House itself from the river.

img-about-us-05-lrgHowever, if you are driving and turn right out of our entrance within two miles you can be at the NC Arboretum where there are walking and hiking trails. Visitors from across the world enjoy exploring the Arboretum’s exhibits and 65 acres of cultivated gardens, including one of the finest, most unique bonsai collections in the United States. At the Arboretum is the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 393.6: from there you can drive 15 miles up to Pisgah Inn Restaurant for great views and a great meal.

img-about-us-06-lrgOther restaurants can be found only two miles away at Biltmore Park Town Square a development by one of the heirs of the Biltmore Estate. It’s like a first rate miniature town with half a dozen great restaurants, more than a
dozen theatres, Barnes & Noble, and other brand stores as well as a modern YMCA with an Olympic pool and total
fitness center (if your interested let me know I can sometimes get guest passes to the Y). Just a few hundred feet up
the road from Biltmore Park you’ll find a very nice modern Ingles Grocery Store with anything you could want for
your retreat back to nature at Asheville River Cabins.

*http://www.riverlink.org/store.asp (Front “License” Plate: French Broad River Yacht Club— support efforts of River Link)